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7731 beacon problem

New Contributor III
 i am using ruckuss 7731.Root and non-root bridges.Distance is 270 meter. 
But they disconnection suddenly over 10 second in 3 hours

it is logImage_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff8fd_bcc95b876fbde93da1c412603fcf7fd1_RackMultipart2019061011432915v-fb38bc16-8fc9-4f6c-b513-2dcbd52e4831-1381428774.png1560183364 attachment.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f7135b77e2478ff8fd_564b42d5f1bcf4a8c92ca10436842d94_RackMultipart201906101894866ps-dff496b9-aff1-4a00-9d8a-703542c312a1-1579415793.png1560182515
i know there are too many devices around.
Non root Bridge Rts/cts thresold: 65535
root bridge rts/cts threshold     : 256
non-root rx rssi : 42 ack rssi: 47
root        rx rssi : 39 ack rssi: 48

Maximum required trafic 50 Mbps.

should  i change Rts/cts value for solution problem?

What can i do ?
Can you help me?
Thank you very much for your help 

Esteemed Contributor II
You have very good signal strength.  The NRB logs show a dissassociate with a reason code of 63 (reserved), that I don't recognize.
Reason code 6 is Class 2 frame received from non-authenticated STA (ok).

What channel are you using?  I wonder if there has been some strong temporary interference.

Have you set the Distance on both sides?

Can you try running the Channel Optimization and see if it selects a different channel this time?

See the 7731 User Guide here:

New Contributor III
i using 108 channel with smartselect option.
i set 2 Km distances.
According to log,what do you think problem ? do you thinh it is interferenced?
Would you recommend that i use the  "Wireless spectrum analyzer " program? İf yes,Which antenna side do i use? But you dont think interfecerenced ?
i am so confused

New Contributor III

today i had the same problem again.
The non-root bridge and bridge log is the file is attached. Logs are always the same.

i tried smart select options and then manually change the channel. But the problem still is not solved.

  • According to the logs, How do you i know which antenna side a lot of broadcasting?
  • Should you offer a free third-party wireless analysis program?
  • According to the logs, Which antenna should i try with this program?
  • According to logs is the path, the method i followed is it true?
  • What do you suggest after analyzing them?
Please help me. Because  i am in a difficult situation

Image_ images_messages_5f91c458135b77e247a36129_e40f14078a1e5a9572cd92d881a1ec43_RackMultipart2019061210079313y-46211fd0-68c4-496b-a29c-de7c3a55418c-1403731606.png1560352289 

Esteemed Contributor II
I don't have access to hardware... Please open a ticket with our Tech Support, who will dig deeper into the logs, and can do better research, thanks!