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7731 DFS and country code Croatia not existing

New Contributor II

We are using 7731 in Croatia, but there is no country code Croatia to chose from.

Is it possible to put Croatia in country codes?

Is there a way to see what frequency rules apply to other countries in Europe (for example Germany) to check whether the frequency rules are more or less the same?

Are there any CLI commands for this?

Best regards,


Valued Contributor II
Hi Miro,

I don't believe we are certified for Croatia so the use of our equipment may not be permitted there no matter whether you can match the frequencies or not. You'll need to check with your local regulatory agency.

That said, I did find a frequency map courtesy of the madwifi group - (I can't vouch for it's accuracy)

New Contributor II

I see no reason why the equipment would not be permitted, there are Ruckus distributors here and in two weeks we will be part of EU, so if the frequency and EIRP limit is obeyed there should be no problems.
As for frequency map I see it is the same as in: France, Slovak Republic, Tunisia and Turkey. So one of those country codes could be used.

One other question about ZF7731 and DFS. What happens if radar signal is detected? Does frequency automatically change to some other frequency if Smart sellect is configured or there is no automatic change of frequency?

What happens if radar signal is detected and Smart select is not configured, but single frequency is chosen?

New Contributor III
Hi Miro,
on the other question, When Radar signal is detected then 7731 - root bridge will be forced to vacate the channel on which it was operating and go for a new channel irrespective whether auto channel or static channel was used. this is as per DFS requirement.

Hope it helps.


PS: Take a look at this doc which i refer whenever i am in doubt about DFS and its operation

New Contributor II
The best practice would be not to use DFS channels on a bridge if you can.