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1.200人同时玩中国手机游戏“王者荣耀” 适合吗?餐饮店 70平方
2.ruckus 配置方面和其他ap 配置有什么不一样的吗? 有需要特意调整2.4G和5.8G信道选择吗?还是使用ruckus 这些都不用去理会?
3.我刚买了2个r600,没有带虚拟控制器,2个ap 放在一起的话,效果好吗?
4.R600只有1个型号版本吗? 能不能通过自己去刷其他版本?具体的升级办法和下载版本地址有吗?


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If this is a technical question for community advice, please post again in English, or I need to remove, thank you.

The first time using ruckus, there are many problems, as follows:
1.200 people playing Chinese mobile game "King glory" suitable for you? Restaurant 70 square
Is there any difference between 2.ruckus configuration and other AP configurations? Is it necessary to adjust the channel selection of 2.4G and 5.8G specifically? Or use ruckus, these don't need to understand?
3., I just bought 2 R600, without a virtual controller, 2 AP put together, the effect is good?
Are there only 1 versions of 4.R600? Can you brush other versions by yourself? Is there a specific upgrade method and download version address?
Between 5.r600 and router is how to match? By routing mode? Fat AP mode to configure it? Or can you set the AP mode directly?

Trouble, answer, thank you!

      I was sr tech support and enjoy a challenge (beyond posting fw/docs and moderating forums).
I feel I can interpret your questions and hope to provide a good suggestion.  I don't know the data
requirements of 'king glory' mobile app, but think 2 x R600 AP can support 100 clients each, between
the 2.4/5g radio bands.  But...(!) which band the client device prefers (ie Apple wants 5g) may influence
which band they *want* to connect to.
      If clients need to, or want to (client makes decision) to roam between the APs, there will be short
re-authentication (depending upon WLAN auth method) which might make a "blip" in online game play
if using two APs both in Standalone mode (Solo 100.x firmware), without a controller (client connection
in controller shared between APs for fast roam).  I would suggest loading our Unleashed firmware on
the two APs, so they will communicate connected client information like a controller would.  This will
also improve any latency between client roaming.  The Ruckus APs will use intelligent channel selection
so you don't need to adjust manually.
     While you can configure one Unleashed AP to be Master/Router mode, it is easier to install them
in your existing network (that has Internet router with DHCP for clients).  I recommend you give them
static IP address, and they share one IP address for Unleashed network management (always takes
you to current Master AP when you use WebUI to this IP).  I hope this is helpful.  With best regards.