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getting Request time out on ruckus zonedirector ip address

New Contributor III

Hi experts,

I am currently using 18 APs of R610, controlled by Zonedirector 1200 and current software Version: build 193. we facing issue of RTO on the zone director IP address . I always get simultaneously RTO on the Zone director and same time user also get RTO. it make me frustration, please help us to solve the problem.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello bharat_gole,

Your test is pinging the APs and the ZoneDirector from the Laptop connected to one of the APs?

If yes, seems like the issue is not on Wifi connection, but in somewhere in wired network between APs and ZoneDirector. 

I would start test pinging from the Access Switch to ZD and moving between the switchs until the ZD Switch.

You also may want to ping something else that is in the same ZD switch and VLAN to see if it is only ZD that is getting RTO or any other device in the switch. With this you can isolate the issue.

Bruno Andrade | Principal TSE Bulldog Americas | RCNA | CWNA | CWDP
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