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Cannot get R510 to Join VLAN from ZD1200

New Contributor

I am trying to add a new R510 AP to a ZD1200 and cannot get it to see VLAN 2. 

The current APls that are on there and configured and working show VLAN 2 under their info page. (They are T300 and R500). 

The ZD1200 sees the new R510 AP and says it is connected and has an IP of

The switch port for the new ap are 2UP and the ZD1200 can see it. If I change this to the same port settings as the other AP's then the ZD1200 cannot see it. 

The new AP shows    VLAN 2 10:f0:68:3e:6d:40 GE1/19 in the switch MAC addr table

The working AP's have a switch port with 2T, 14UP, 60T, 70T. 

Pic of AP T300 showing VLAN 2

VLAn 2 T300.jpg

Pic of R510 showing VLAN 1

vlan1 model 510.jpg