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Send some data from analytics to remote server.

New Contributor


We need to continuously send some data (for example: AP Ethernet MAC or AP Ethernet MAC and Client MAC Address.) from Ruckus Cloud Analytics to our remote server. Which methods can we use for this?

Kind regards


New Contributor II

Hello Mustafa,

When you are using Ruckus Cloud as a management platform for your AP and switches, you can use syslog, directly from cloud  (venue, edit, wifi settings) to send a stream of data to a syslog server. The same is true for Smartzone.

New Contributor

Thank you very much for your help Frank,

I'm trying to give the syslog server address on my own computer, but even though the event has occurred, no log has come yet. I will continue to wait. Finally, are you sure that presence data comes in syslog? Because actually I need Ruckus analytics data like in data explorer. Best regards, thank you.

Triple check the firewall settings. The messages are sent from our cloud platform to the address you entered, so probably has to transfer a firewall..

Check the events field in cloud. It shows you what should be sent out to the syslog server