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Zone Director not able to identify an OS type

New Contributor III
I have an issue where a Mac book is not able to be identified as Mac OS by the zone director, and is the only mac book in this environment with the issue.

This creates a problem when the device access control policy is set to "Deny by Default" - The only work around to get the device back in the hands of the end user was to set the device ACL to allow by default and then adding in individual deny entries that we needed.

I am wondering if this is a known issue, or bug.  The device is back in the hands of the user once we discovered a work around so doing a packet capture is not possible at this time.

Here is a screenshot of the issue for clarity:

Valued Contributor
Please provide some more information.
Is this one macbook that is not seen or multiple.

Which software version is running on the ZoneDirector and which version are you running on the Mac.


New Contributor III
This only occurred with one Mac Book, the firmware is