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Using 1 DHCP server for multiple VLANs

Hi, I am hoping you can provide some advice please? I have a setup which consists of a 7450 and a number of 7150 switches. I am using D-PSK to drop clients onto their own VLANs (there are around 150 of them). The VLANs are set up on the switches but ...

7105 with Layer 3 setup as a simple Layer 2 functionality.

I have never configured Ruckus ICX switches and have inherited 6 Ruckus, 5 layer 2 and 1 Layer 3 switch that are being implemented in a new building. The client wants the layer 3 switch to be the primary switch in a single subnet network. Can a Rucku...

How do I stack two ICX7150 switches?

Hello everyone,I'm a novice at best, really a simple DIY'er. Amazon installed a Ruckus ICX7150 switch in my smart panel and I have an acces point upstairs and another downstairs. Since there's already a cable running from the panel, up through the at...

Help with upgrading firmware.

I am looking into upgrading firmware on our icx 7150 switches and I wanted to verify upgrade options. We currently have a number of switches running 08.0.80caT211 and some that are running 08.0.90bT213. The older version is a non router firmware and ...