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DSCP settings on core switch

First off...  Thanks everybody who has been answering my questions about the ICX 7750 campus network I inherited! Been a great resource while I come up to speed on Ruckus.   Question is:   My campus switches have basically the below DSCP/LLDP Voic...

After adding User ICX Stack Member restart

Hello,i have an Problem: When i create an User over Telnet Console the secondary stack member does simply restarts. Is that normal?I have two ICX7250-24 with 08070e (Switch - Layer2) Firmware Version.On that version is it possible to enable SSH?regar...

VSRP, anyone used it ??

Hi eveyone,did anyone configured VSRP protocol on ICX ??I'm using VRRP quite often, but it isn't supported on ICX 7150 without a license, and there is a similar Ruckus proprietary protocol which can provide redudancy on L2 and L3.I want to use ICX fo...

Modify Traffic Policy

Hi all,This may be a silly question, but I can't seem to find the answer for it.How does one modify a traffic policy?I understand I would use the no command to remove a setting.I want to adjust the rate limiting and enable counting, but it keeps stat...

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