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copy startup-config.txt between devices?

Very simple question!Replacing an icx7250-48p-poe with the exact same model, current one has a couple bad ports.I was just going to copy the startup-config.txt to the new device.  (USB or TFTP)But.. they are at different flash versions.startup-config...

Firmware recovery Fastlron FESX424HF + 2XG

I mistakenly formatted the Fastlron FESX424HF + 2XGPlease tell me how to restore the firmware.And also where to get the firmware.FEX-Boot>show flashPrimary image:  FAIL - Image not existSecondary image:  FAIL - Image not existFEX-Boot>show version02....

VOIP Ruckus network

Can you help me improve VOIP in my network, I have around 20 ruckus switches that are connected to one core switch. Now, users are complaining that they have a problem with the voice quality, but I am not sure if it's the network issue. Every phone p...

Do I need a router?

I'm new to Ruckus and am unfamiliar with the networking equipment.I have an Arris Surfboard SB6183 modem, a Ruckus ICX 7150-c12p switch, and 2 Ruckus R510 access points.With this, do I also need a router or does one of the listed Ruckus devices act a...