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ICX Switches seem to Loop when setting SZ-Active

Good Afternoon,Has anyone seen an issue where ICX switches running various Firmware will boot loop after being joined to an SZ server?if I unplug the switch from the internet or disable SZ administration, the switch will stay up. But as soon as I plu...

cisco gbics in brocade/ruckus

Are Cisco gbics compatible with brocade ICX6450-48p switches.  It seems to work because I tested it but I was just looking for confirmation on compatibility.  Thank you.

brocade interface won't talk to cisco interface

ICX6450-48p stack of 6 switches (one uplink port) no longer communicate with cisco layer 3 switch.  It was working but just stopped.  The only thing that changed was removing a port channel from the cisco and a lag from the ruckus (brocade).

access port - tagged or untagged?

I want to set one port on my switch to vlan 20.  In doing so I am hoping the port will acquire an ip address from my vlan 20 dhcp scope.  It works fine on a cisco switch port as an access port.My understanding is I need to set the port to untagged on...