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Cloud Support for 7250/7450 Series

We have 16 7250/7450 switches in our network. None are stacked, all spread throughout campus. We also have 40 R710 APs on a ZD1200 controller. We are evaluating migrating this to Ruckus Cloud. For the APs, we will either keep the 710s or possibly ...

Switch not getting configuration from SmartZone

We are using a SmartZone 100 to manage our APs and are now installing ICX 7650 switches to run multi-gig APs.  These are the first Ruckus switches we have and I am having issues with them getting the configuration from the SZ. SZ is on version 5.2.1....

jason_hilt by New Contributor III
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How do I check for ECMP with ebgp?

Hi all,  I've enabled ip load sharing globally as well as maximum-paths in ebgp itself.  Checking my route table, I see only one route to my destination.  If I disable the ports, the secondary route does insert itself in the table.  Is this expec...

Resolved! Ruckus branded software on Brocade branded ICX 7xxx hardware?

It's such a long story about why, but I have a pair or Brocade ICX 7450-24 switches that were never deployed that I'm just rolling out now. I'd love to update the firmware first, but it appears Ruckus has taken over Brocade. Show version provides, am...

ICX Upgrade HTTP Request Failed

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade via https with command copy https flash The file is no issue when I'm opened with browser and download directly to computer, but at switch I got error message HTTP Request Failed for Request ID: 1. Response Code: 404 Ri...