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LED issue with icx7150-24/48p

Hi team  We facing an issue with ports LED behavior the POE led not work, we have try to connect AP And IP phone but the POE led not work  Note that when i login to web of the switch i see everything working fine 

ICX 7150 C10ZP

What is the default login  tried username :super password: sp-admin No Joy

Switch config suppot Ruckus icx7150-24p

Hi,  I am configuring two switches a 24P and 8port.  The 8 port is to have two access points on it and the 24P will have have the rest of the network hanging off it. I have set the ip address of the switch to (for example) 192.168.x.x

Resolved! ICX 7150 default login

Hi Does anyone know the default login to ICX 7150 24P? I thought it was username: Super  and password was spadmin?

Resolved! Getting 500 error on updating the port name using ruckus ICX API

Hi Guys, I am getting a 500 error on updating the port name on the ruckus ICX switch using API calls. Response from the API :  {"timestamp":1628163014255,"path":"/switchm/api/v8_1/portSettings/abcd2-db4f-4e54-bea7-c8d7109efrca/","status":500,"erro...

amar_deep by New Contributor III
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