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ICX-7150 - How do I make a regular switch port into a trunk port?

New Contributor III
I have copper from the ISP. How do I make port 48 into a trunk port? 

New Contributor III
You hace to tag the Port in the required VLAN this this Is the equivalente of a Cisco trunk, can be done from the CLI, connect to the switch vía putty
For example:
Conf t
Tag Ethernet 1/1/48


Contributor II
Hi Jeff

If you are using the term "trunk" in the Cisco sense i.e. an interface with an untagged VLAN plus multiple tagged VLANs then there is no special configuration required, just add ports to VLANs.

Example; Port 48 is already in VLAN 1 but you want VLAN 10 as untagged and VLAN 20 as tagged.

Hostname#conf t
Hostname(config)#vlan 20
Hostname(config-vlan-20)#tag e 1/1/48
Added tagged port(s) ethe 1/1/48 to port-vlan 20.
Hostname(config-vlan-20)#vlan 1
Hostname(config-vlan-1)#no untag e 1/1/48
Hostname(config-vlan-1)#vlan 10
Hostname(config-vlan-10)#untag e 1/1/48
Added untagged port(s) ethe 1/1/48 to port-vlan 10.

The config. would look like this;

Hostname(config-vlan-10)#sho run

vlan 1 name DEFAULT-VLAN by port
vlan 10 by port
 untagged ethe 1/1/48
vlan 20 by port
 tagged ethe 1/1/48

You can get the full set of config guides here;

New Contributor III
OK I have it like that and it isn't working. Trying to see what I am missing. Does is matter which traffic is tagged and which is untagged?

Jeff - I don't believe you need to make the port a tagged port, unless the ISP is specifically sending frames that include VLAN headers.  Most do not.  I would simply leave the interface connected to your ICX untagged in vlan 1.