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Boot loader - Where to download

New Contributor

I am trying to upgrade my Ruckus ICX 7150-24 switch to FastIron 08.0.95d software. I found and downloaded the file pack for it for i see no bootloader file (spz filename). Where do i get it. Have seen pictures of downloads that include a "boot" folder but mine doesn't?


New Contributor III


Hope you are doing well!

On 8080 was introduced UFI images. They have included the fastiron OS, boot code, POE firmware, etc. all in one .bin file.

That's why there is no boot folder in version 8095d

Please refer to this guide:

This explains the upgrade path needed to go to 8095 , first you must go to the 8080f not ufi then 8095d etc.

I hope this has been helpful!