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Resolved! Firmware upgrade

I have tried twice to upgrade the firmware on my R510. It is currently running and I want to upgrade to  I am performing an online upgrade. It appears to flash properly but once the AP is rebooted it tells me to...

BrianE by New Contributor II
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Upgrade, downgrade ?

Hi I'm running R610 and R620 AP with Unleashed Since a few weeks, I run the version The only option is to downgrade : The system will be downgraded to the specified version of, and restored configuration to 200...

R500 types of setup, master? Stand alone only?

I obtained a few handfuls of R500 access points.  I know they are EOL.   Is the only thing I can do with them, is firmware each into a stand alone unit?  If so, can one be a master, so everything stays unified?  What are my options, unfamiliar with t...

R750 high number of % Retries and % Dropped

I recently upgraded two R710 to R750 (latest Unleashed), and noticed that AP Info for R750s show pretty high number of %Retries/%Dropped compared to previous R710. For R710 %Retries was 0.0001%, and Dropped was almost 0. But with R750 %Retries is aro...

votnet by New Contributor
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