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Power outage caused rukus system to no longer work

New Contributor

As stated above a power outage caused my system to no longer work I've scored this forum trying to reboot my APs and have even attempted to access and troubleshoot the ICX box. I've hit a roadblock as none of the passwords or usernames working, I am unsure of how to use the other methods to gain access to the unleashed browser, and terminal prompts using my MAC haven't gotten me anywhere. I am not able to connect via a wired connection and am using

My ICX IP address is according to 3rd party IP scan apps


I am able to access "terminal" in my mac but the instructions on the link provided don't make sense to me. Do I type in what you have typed above? "Telnet:nc 23" or "SSH admin@"?

also, what's the difference between Telenet and SSH?? 

still not able to get access as I am still very confused. 


Hi @jcsny18 

Hope you are doing well ! 

Here is a short guide from apple how to open the terminal :

ssh and telnet are ways to access the switch one request password and another not , so we need to try one of the options to see if it works.

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez

Yes, I am aware of how to access the terminal in my mac I am just confused as to what to do next. what do I type in the terminal?

Hi @jcsny18 

Hope you are doing well ! 

Ok in Terminal use only what is inside the quotes  "inside" let's try to access the  switch  using ssh or telnet option.


"nc 23"


"ssh admin@" 

"ssh super@"

Passwords can be : Lennar or sp-admin or Ruckus1

These are key sensitive  

Best regards 

Fernando Vasquez

 Mac terminal #2.jpg

I typed in the prompt and nothing happened.