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Power outage. WAPs will not power on.

New Contributor

Hello. Power went out the other day. The Ruckus switch seems to be powered on, but the WAPs on each floor will not power on. It appears that other members are experiencing similar issues. My lap top does not have a Ethernet cable port to perform maintenance on the switch. Please advise. 





New Contributor

I am having the same problem. If I do a factory reset, does this mean everything will turn back on to what was setup prior to outage? or will have to reprogram and setup everything all over again? 

Hi @Red 

Basically the Factory reset is to see if the switch is able to boot up this is not going to affect the Wireless Access Points configuration ( Wireless / SSID )

R510_Glam_Left_SH (1).jpg 

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

Now all the lights are flashing yellow after hitting reset button. What next? 

Hi @Red 

1-Please try to disconnect from the Power outlet the ICX-7150 and reconnected.

2-Please try to press the reset button using a paper click or a small stick 

  1. Remove power from the switch.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button while applying power to the switch.
  3. After all the system LEDs flash amber, release the Reset button.

Video link:

Check if your access Points are powering up after this 

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

They did not power up the ceiling Rockus. What’s next?