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Power outage - APs not active

New Contributor

Similar to other posters, a power outage always causes issues for my ICX-7150-12CP and the two associated APs. I went through the manual reset of the switch but the amber lights just blinked continuously. Currently, the power light is green and the system light is yellow. No lights are on for either AP. I've seen a lot of different and complicated instructions in different forums. Which instructions should I follow?


New Contributor

Can I hire a Ruckus technician, and if so, how?

Hi @kb10

We will be exclusively supporting customers via this community forum support model.

We have tried to create the guides as non-technical as possible, so that they are not difficult to follow; however, if you continue to have difficulty following the steps,
I would recommend that you seek outside help or a technician.

Best regards,


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