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PST-ICX Switch is Disconnected after power outage

New Contributor

This is the the same issue as in


But I do not see a solution for that. I am not a network specialist so some suggestions are too technical for me




Hi @EduardoC 

Ok, so if the Online web access is not working, you need to get access via console, using the next connection the USB will be connected on your computer and the type C on your ICX7150 Switch.

Note: the SSH and Telnet access will not work for you, because you are having connectivity issues to reach the IP address and those are for remote access, however console is local, so will no matter if you have or not an IP address.

 How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via CLI


RUCKUS ICX 7150 USB TYPE C CONSOLE (tutorial video for ICX)

(Tutorial for MAC)


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

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Eduardo, did you fix this problem? I think I have same issue on my side and I am not sure how to fix it. My switch also showing disconnected.

Hi @jasminkoplje  


Thank you for contacting RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

Hope you are doing well

As this case is raised by  @EduardoC  which is very old and closed now.

To avoid confusion with posts, you can create your own post with the problem you're facing and a detailed description of the network issue and what you've done so that we can guide you properly.

Thank you again for understanding.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

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And to answer your questions...

My Switch is online, but from Unleashes is displayed as disconnected (as in the image I sent you);

We have ATT as a provider. And there is no issue accessing internet when connected to ATT wifi. 

But when connecting to Ruckcus access points I am often timed out trying to navigate to sites like, All access points are online. Not sure if they works as expected because I am having all the issues accessing internet. I did reboot both switch and access points several time already.

I do not feel comfortable sharing my IP address on a public forum.


Hi @EduardoC 

OK, so if the next are your Symptoms, seems the Switch start booting from the incorrect partition, let me add the Guide to solve the issue, please read the guides carefully before start the troubleshooting.


Websites not loading
Devices getting disconnected or having problems working as intended.
Network dropping at random points in time.
Smart devices not being able to connect to the internet.
Unleashed dashboard sometimes as “Disconnected” on the Internet tab.

Note: your IP address will be always local, so is not routable over the internet, this is why you have your ISP router in the middle to convert those IPs address in your home to an internet IP Address or routable over the internet.

How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via Web GUI.


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

New Contributor

And WIFI signal strength from AP is fine