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Lennar ICX 7150-C12P Outage

New Contributor

I have seen many related posts of people losing internet after a power outage. The response have advanced technical information. I need help to restore my internet step by step from the moment I log into the computer.



Hi @renotse 

Hope you are doing well ! 

Is great to hear that you were able to recover you ICX 7150 C12p ! 

You can go ahead and install the lasted version 9010d since you are already running 8090d UFI version.

Our recommendations is to use 8095g firmware version here is the link : 

recomendatio n.PNG

The only file you need is the following shown in the image and marked it as 'yellow'


Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

I am confused by this  detail. I had 2 files to choose from when I reinstalled SPS08090d.bin or SPS08090dufi.bin. I chose SPS08090.bin, but my "show version" output refers to SPS08090d.bin (UFI). 

Please elaborate on my circumstance and the difference in the UFI version, and why my switch reports UFI when I did not install that version