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Lennar Home Ruckus Switch ICX7150 not working after power outage

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This is an insanely widespread issue if one's power goes out (this is what I've gathered from reading the forums and reddit). Last night our power went out and the switch has stopped functioning correctly. It shows as disconnected in the app etc. and while the APs wifi is still up, internet doesnt actually work on it. I figured there'd be an easy fix but apparently not. Lennar never left me the original box with the serial either so I can't submit a ticket at the moment. Has anyone else figured out an easy way to fix this issue? 

Factory resetting doesn't work either despite being on the latest firmware (holding the reset button pin while powering the switch on has failed to work). For being enterprise grade hardware, this stuff really kind of sucks if I'm being honest. I'm really only upset because there are no other ethernet ports that are actually reachable (if you own a newer lennar home, you know what I'm talking about).


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Every time the power goes out I am out of internet and work from home. Usually it is the switch but this time the access point is not lighting up. The problem is also that Lennar installs these on my vaulted ceiling and I do not have a ladder to get to this AP.I am so tired of the constant battle with this and the incredible amount of time it takes to get Ruckus to help. I am going to spend some time trying to get Lennar to find another provider.

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If the local network is up and broadcasting SSIDs (assuming the switch is powering the APs) then it might not be the switch that's the issue. Do you get a valid IP address when you connect directly to the switch or AP? Is there a router you can connect to so you can verify external connectivity? 

The Serial number for the switch is located on the underside of the switch on a white label if you'd like to open a ticket. Alternatively, you can get this information from the CLI using the command show version. 

Whilst on the CLI, you should verify the images installed on the switch since there are two flash partitions that can hold different firmware. Do this by using the command show flash. You will see a primary and a secondary image as highlighted below: 

Image_ images_messages_6177c4be653fa416ca5ce3e4_0cb8ed8fe113b77c998f599714a37e8a_ICXFW-a1f90965-393c-4cf1-ae00-207eb268d204-585799562.png

For Unleashed to see the switch it will need to have SPS (switch image) not SPR (router image). If there is an SPR image in one of the firmware banks you can boot from the other bank: 

To boot from primary or secondary.

boot system flash primary


boot system flash secondary

You should then do a write memory

Finally if there is a SPR image in the switch, you can flash it with an SPS image so that in the event of a power outage it will always boot with an SPS image. You can always ensure it's going to boot from one partition by using the command boot system flash primary. 

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I have opened a ticket:

Case ID: 01271877

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