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ICX 7250 and family: Support "Broadcom 2.5G" on SFP+ ports

New Contributor II
I like to request the enablement of "Broadcom 2.5G" and NOT to be confused with MultiGig via Aquantia or the likes.

Obviously, this is a niche request to support the very few SFP modules that sync at such speeds, but they do exist in the market, such as: or any powered by an Intel® FALCTM ONT GPONSFP PEF98035 Chipset PEF98035ETV13 S LLC5.

Such modules do work when the interface is configured with: speed-duplex 1000-full as auto configuration fails but are not running at their default data throughput of 2.5Gbps.

As you're aware the ICX 7250 8 SFP+ ports are divided by 2 WarpCore's, 4 SerDes pairs per core, and us mere end users can observe as much by running the simple command: phy 1/2/1.

And from my past encounters with the WarpCore, it's feasible to run native SerDes 8b/10b 3.125Gbps to achieve a data throughput of 2.5Gbps and most definitely so when the right bits are set, eg.

Hopefully this request doesn't fall on deaf ears and speed-duplex 2500-full works in a future firmware release.


New Contributor
A more motivating factor for enabling this feature is the availability of 2.5Gbit and 5Gbit NBase-T SFP+ modules.

This is exactly why Ubiquity has enabled this feature in both of its 10Gbit switches, after a similar request, and has actually got quite a bit of a following due to being one of the few switches to support this feature at the moment:

Contributor II
Multigig has moved on and we now have dedicated switches for this, if you are looking at the 7250 then the best option is out ICX7150-48ZP which has 16x2.5G ports in addition to 32x1G and 8xSFP/SFP+. All copper ports have PoE+ power. If you need full 2.5/5G multigig then the 7650 range or the ICX7150-C10ZP switch would be most suitable.

SFP+ ports with a 10GBase-T transceiver don't make much sense for APs as there is no PoE power for the APs. 

Hello, I was surprised to hear that FTTx/PON market is not targeted by Ruckus. There is the whole concept of “Lennar Homes” that is in collaboration with Ruckus to provide networking to homes with high speed fiber internet.

I was hoping this can be reconsidered for ICX switches. If 2500Basex can be unlocked on SFP+ ports through just a software update, this would certainly be great. I own a 7150-C12P.

Hope to hear back soon!