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How to migrate access points from a Zone Director to Ruckus Cloud?

RUCKUS Team Member

Zone Director 1200 is going End of Life and will no longer be available for purchase. Existing customers are recommended to migrate to other RUCKUS platforms like SmartZone and Cloud.

This article provides the steps to migrate Zone Director managed Access Points to RUCKUS Cloud.


  • Zone Director (ZD1200) firmware version: 10.4 or later
  • RUCKUS Cloud AP licenses matching that of the Zone Director

Viewing License Information on Ruckus Cloud :

  • List of APs eligible for migration. Refer link for updated list found here:

Ruckus Cloud Support Matrix:

  • Zone Director and APs have IP connectivity with support for the following protocols: HTTPS (port 443),
    SSH (port 22)
  • Verify the Access Point cert status before starting the migration process
    • Access an AP via SSH - username and password will be the same as the zone director

Expected output:

#get rpki-cert issuer
Issuer: RuckusPKI-DeviceSubCA-1

If the output is different, please raise a TAC case and support will assist in getting the cert updated/replaced

  • AP should be using DHCP to receive IP address - static IP not recommended
  • To enable AP to Cloud connectivity, configure firewall with the below settings.
Outbound HTTPS (TCP 443) from APs and Switches to:

Outbound SSH (TCP 22) from APs and Switches to:



RUCKUS Zone Director has the option to initiate the migration process right from the dashboard and requires only IP connectivity as mentioned in the previous section. The APs have the option to begin the discovery process to join a different controller platform in the same network or in the cloud. The pre-provisioning is different for SZ and Cloud. Configuration migration to RUCKUS Cloud is not available currently. The steps below describe the process to migrate to Cloud.


  • Begin the migration step first at RUCKUS Cloud. Add the Serial Numbers of all the APs ready for migration, individually or using the Import csv option


  • In Zone Director select the AP for migration. Click More and select Join another controller.





  • The AP status on ZD changes to Blocked, delete the AP from ZD and AP begins cloud discovery process
  • Head over to
  • The AP starts initializing on the cloud. Wait for the process to complete in 15-20 mins. The status of the AP changes to Operational.



  • Monitor the Events tab for progress





  • Make sure the AP is receiving IP address from a DHCP server, not static
  • Firewall ports are open for cloud communication (80,443)
  • DNS to resolve IP addresses for cloud connectivity based on region


Technical Note: Migration Guide for APs from ZoneDirector to Ruckus Cloud:

Demo of the migration :

Ruckus One Online Help:

Ruckus One tutorials:


Cecil D'silva | Staff Engineer |Technical Support