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Change Untagged interface to tagged interface in one command?

New Contributor

I would like to change an interface of an interface from untagged vlan 800 to tagged vlan 800 in one command. Does anyone know a way?

Scenario. Two swiches connected via their e 1/3/4 interfaces.

HP Switch A. (Vlan 800 IP) Interface e 1/3/4 untagged 800, tagged 10, 15, 20.

Ruckus Switch B. (Vlan 800 IP) Interface e 1/3/4 untagged 800, tagged 10, 15, 20.

I am replacing the switch A from an HP switch to a ruckus switch.  Switch B is ruckus.  I am in location of switch HP Switch A.   My goal is to setup the trunks in a standardized way, which is to have all (non default vlan 1) vlans tagged between uplink ports.

I SSH into switch B. 

Vlan 800

tagged e 1/3/4

Port(s) ethe 1/3/4 are already a member of VLAN 800

Ok, so can't change in one move from vlan selection. HP lets you do this, but whatever. Instead lets try the vlan-config tool.

interface e 1/3/4

vlan-config vlan-config remove vlan 800

vlan-config add tagged-vlan 800

Uh oh, do you see what happened?  After the second command, Switch B would drop off the network, my SSH connection break, and my only option would be to physically go to the location, console in, and configure 800 tagging e 1/3/4.  In the case I ran into this week, I didn't know where the IDF was for the switch, so I couldn't go to it physically.

For context, on HP switches this change is really easy.

vlan 800

tagged 52

Tea, earl grey, hot.

Any suggestions on how to changed untagged to tagged in one move?







New Contributor

Ok, that's unfortunate there isn't a direct way of doing it, but that is actually helpful to know it can't be done conventionally. In light of this, I've come up with a work-around that doesn't involve power cycling. Also we can put those network gremlins to work doing some remote tasks for us.

Strap in:

Get to config mode.

batch buffer 1 UplinkTagChange
con t
int e 1/3/4
vlan-config remove vlan 800
vlan-config add tagged-vlan 800

Exit back to enable mode.

execute batch 1 now

con t
no batch buffer 1

This seems to do the trick.  My only regret is it doesn't allow you to go above batch #4, because ideally I want to excecute order 66.

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