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Monitoring device type of client and Session on controller

New Contributor II
1. Can ZD Controller monitor device type(IOS, android etc.) of client on dashboard. ? 
2. Can I limit concurent session of administator ? Such as If there's admin login to controller for minitoring and another admin use same account access to controller.


Esteemed Contributor II

1.  Yes, on Dashboard, in bottom/left click Widgets.  Find Client Device Type widget, and drag it onto your Dashboard view.  
Click Finish when done.

2.  You can manage Admin access.  By default, sharing the common "Admin" password allows multiple people to login
(at the same time) using the same Admin uid/pw.  But see also on the Administer/Preferences page, under Admin name/pw
that you can specify Admin authentication thru an Authentication (ie AD) server, with or without fallback to Admin if failed.  
If you do not share the Admin password, but make all Admins login with an AD uid/pw, you could track who has logged in,
and at what time.

See also Configure/Roles, if you assign a Role to users who login, you can specify if they can just Monitor/View status,
or if they can have Admin/Operator capabilities, and over what WLANs.  This can give you granularity if helpful.

I'm looking to see if there are any commands to limit how many people can login with the Admin uid at one time, which
I don't think we can limit, but I'll find out.