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Admin name or password for ISO app

I have the ISO app (unleashed) but I do not have the admin name or password. Does Amazon / Lennar use a set default when installed?

No Ruckus unleashed app

Hello I am trying to download the Ruckus Unleashed app for IOS. However when I go to search for it it can’t be found.,

SSL Error mosquitto bridge vspot push API

Hello,I configured a mosquitto brigde to receive MQTT messages  from vSpot Push API, but i'm getting the following error during connection:OpenSSL Error: error:1425F102:SSL routines:ssl_choose_client_version:unsupported protocolMy mosquitto bridge co...

vSpot Push Api not connecting nor receiving any MQTT messages

Hello,I'm trying to receive messages from vSpot push API using a code implementation written in Node.js, as you could see in the screenshot below:My implementation never connects and always triggers the "reconnect", "offine" and "close" events.I'm us...